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Vodafone unlimited 4G internet legal trick

Due to increase in data plan rates, people are not able to enjoy the mobile data to its maximum. Also, Jio has launched its “Happy new year” offer which provides 1GB high speed internet per day. However, you may find yourself in a situation where you need more than that you can find a way to bypass Jio data limit here. In this post, I will share with you a method by which you can use high speed 4G data on Vodafone’s network free of cost legally. Do note that other websites share tricks that may be illegal and can cause trouble. So its better to be safe than sorry. Continue reading Vodafone unlimited 4G internet legal trick

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How to bypass 1GB limit on Jio legally

As you know that Jio is offering “Happy New Year” offer in which you will get high speed 1GB 4G internet per day after which, your data speed will be reduced to 128kbps which is very less and not usable for heavy data transfer. There are many hacks and tricks available online which use Illegal methods in order to bypass 1GB limit. I will show you some tricks that will help you to download more than 1GB every day that too legally for FREE!!!

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