How to bypass 1GB limit on Jio legally

As you know that Jio is offering “Happy New Year” offer in which you will get high speed 1GB 4G internet per day after which, your data speed will be reduced to 128kbps which is very less and not usable for heavy data transfer. There are many hacks and tricks available online which use Illegal methods in order to bypass 1GB limit. I will show you some tricks that will help you to download more than 1GB every day that too legally for FREE!!!

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Unlimited Video Calling:

Yes even this is a way to use more than 1GB data. As you know that video calling consumes data. However, if you have consumed your daily quota of 1GB, you can still make a video call. The network will provide you with enough bandwidth so as to make a HD call on Jio4gVoice app. So you do not have to worry about exhausting your data before the day is over.

Unlimited data at Night:

Yes that’s right!!! If you have seen Jio’s launch by Mukesh Ambani, you may very well know Jio’s offer of providing unlimited high speed internet at night without FUP. You may be shocked to know that this scheme is currently working and you can in-fact get unlimited internet by this method. Night timings are from 2AM to 5AM. Now this may not sound much but remember that the data is high speed 4G. Which means that you will get on an average 2MB/sec at good network locations which amounts to about 20GB for 3 hours. Now the trick is to start the downloads just as clock strikes 2AM and stop just as its 5AM. In order to do this there are various apps available which I will be sharing in my future posts.

Mukesh Ambani Launching Jio commercially

Do note that if you do use a lot of data in this duration, your daily quota of 1GB still remains intact which means you can use it all day to use all applications.

I hope this trick has been helpful to you. If yes then please share with your friends. See you next time with other tips and tricks.

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